Our Products

Our Products

For 12 years we have been specializing in floor substructures for cavity, double and heavy duty floors. But we can also serve our customers with accessories, PSA pedestals or custom-made products.


A cavity floor is a floor construction consisting of a flowing screed as a base layer and a supporting slab, which are separated by a substructure. The resulting cavity is used to carry out installations for telecommunications, heating, electrical connections, ventilation, etc. and is accessible through an inspection opening.



Raised Floors

Raised floors differ from cavity floors in that that they are not covered by a flat supporting layer, but by individual removable panels, which means that any part of the cavity remains accessible at all times.


Heavy duty floor (or control room floor, control room switch room floor, cable floor, installation floor) is a special form of raised floor. Control room floors are used in low and medium voltage installations, telecommunication installations, in floors that can be driven on and in data centers.



We deliver all the accessories you need for your floor constructions directly to your construction site.


The PSA (Property Services Agency) Specification has been a UK industry standard for raised access floors for over 25 years. The requirements are complex and demanding but there are just 4 main categories: light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. Light is deemed sufficient for general office use with extra heavy being reserved for main frame computer rooms. The categories are arranged vertically, meaning that a higher grade will comply with all of the requirements of grades lower in the scale.


In case of special customer requirements, pedestals can be manufactured according to your drawing by our manufacturers. Contact us if you want to create, develop or improve your own pedestals. For projects with heavy external load (wetness etc.) we also offer stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized pedestals.