The PSA (Property Services Agency) Specification has been a UK industry standard for raised access floors for over 25 years. The requirements are complex and demanding but there are just 4 main categories: light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. Light is deemed sufficient for general office use with extra heavy being reserved for main frame computer rooms. The categories are arranged vertically, meaning that a higher grade will comply with all of the requirements of grades lower in the scale.

With the PSA, grades are awarded through independent testing and certification.

More recently, the trend has been to reduce loadings for raised floors and the PSA medium grade is the most common for contemporary spaces. A medium grade floor can carry loads of up to 35kN/m², which often far surpasses the capacity of the floor on which it stands.


PSA Pedastals

Field of application:

Raised Floor (Cavity Floor)

Adjustment range: Pedestal height from 26.5 to 1205 mm
Material: Steel
Finishing: Galvanized, blue passivated
Load level: 1,5 to 4,5